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QA Frameworks Bring Value to Contact Centers

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
September 12, 2018

Customer service plays a leading role in brand preference for 96 percent of consumers around the world, according to recent research. So, in case there was any doubt, your business should work to deliver the best possible customer experience to its clients, and make sure that CX aligns with your brand and is consistent across your channels.

Hiring good people, outfitting them with the right tools and training to get the job done, and supporting them by creating the right culture and positive direction and reinforcement goes a long way in doing that. So does building and executing on a quality assurance framework.

The framework should define what you want to measure and why, who will take and assess the metrics, when and to what extent you’ll monitor and evaluate calls, and what the workflow will be of what happens next with such information. Once you have this foundation in place, you should communicate these processes and underlying goals to your contact center managers and other employees.

That way everybody is on the same page and understands agent monitoring is not a punitive measure but rather a department-wide effort to educate and allow for improvement based on specific, established guidelines and goals. (When you explain the method to your madness, people tend to get less mad about your method, if that makes sense.)

Pumping up the top performers rather than tearing down the weaker ones or focusing on minor mistakes that everybody makes is the best way to go. Use good examples to reinforce that behavior in the team members that display it and encourage it in others.

That will help your agents learn as they go along. And you can learn from the quality assurance process too – not just by better understanding who’s doing what, but also hopefully by uncovering new ways you can improve efficiency and deliver better customer experiences.


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