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Using Advanced Call Center Technology to Drive Results

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
July 02, 2018

So much to do. So little time.

That’s the life of a contact center agent.

But businesses can employ an array of call center technology to help agents carry the heavy load. At the same time, these organizations can meet their business goals and provide better customer experiences.

For example, organizations can employ IVR systems to get callers to the right people and information. IVRs can be programmed to provide callers with the ability to express their intent. And a well thought out IVR menu and knowledgebase can result in callers getting where they need to be faster.

Sometimes IVRs led callers to a live agent. In some cases, organizations even use technology to match up those live agents and callers based on their skillsets and needs, or relative to their shared personality traits.

However, callers don’t always necessarily need to talk to a live agent. Companies that do their research to discover commonly asked questions can program answers to those inquiries right into the IVR.

That way, customers get faster answers. And your live agents can spend their time handling more complex and high-value inquiries.

Speaking of listening and learning, that’s something call center managers can do as well. Live call monitoring technology enables managers to listen in to customer-agent interactions.

That way, managers can offer to help out if the agent needs assistance. And managers can use what they learned during live monitoring to offer agents direction on how to improve and to praise and reward agents for what they did right (and potentially use these successful calls as examples for others to emulate).

Another call center tool organizations can leverage is call conferencing. That enables agents and others within the organization – such as call center managers or subject matter experts – to come together for quick problem resolution.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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