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Big Data Brings Better Results in Call Center

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
April 13, 2018

Listen up! Big data can improve call center efficiency and security in a big way.

Big deal, you say? Indeed it is.

Because big data collection, correlation, and analytics enable contact centers to

• improve agent performance and customer satisfaction,

• streamline processes,

• deliver better products and services, and

• enhance security.

How does it do all that, you ask? It does it by highlighting important communications in real-time, and by uncovering trends in complaints, customer satisfaction, and product issues over time.

Artificial intelligence and sentiment analytics, for example, can flag key words and phrases uttered by callers in contact center environments, and identify and assess their tone and pitch. That allows organizations to see what’s being discussed and know when things have gone awry.

That way, managers may be able to help agents better address disgruntled callers. And it can help businesses address any behaviors, people, processes, and product faults that may be causing or exacerbating the problems. Of course, AI and sentiment analytics also can alert organizations to when things are going great, so they can do more of the same good stuff.

Once businesses understand what their customers have to say – and how and why they’re saying it – they are better able to

• fix problematic processes

• do more targeted coaching

• identify the most productive and most customer satisfying agents, and

• improve their product design and functionality.

Let’s not forget the important issue of security. Data collection and analysis enables businesses to see the origination points of calls, the medium through which callers are connecting, and their voice characteristics. This information can make it much easier for contact centers to identify cybersecurity related problems like attacks and toll fraud.

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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