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How to Use Psychometrics to Understand Call Center Behaviors

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC
March 21, 2018

Fake news. Personal bias. Skewed results.

All of the above have become constants in our world. Of course, what news you consider fake and what biases you think exist vary based on your personal beliefs. But the truth is out there.

Let me pause right here, because you already know all that. And this is not an opinion piece on the state of media and politics. Rather, it’s about how businesses can break free of relying on focus group results and instead use hard numbers and analysis to understand what’s really happening.

That’s possible using a discipline Craig Antonucci of BPA Quality refers to as psychometrics. Psychometricians analyze call center data to better understand human behavior, he says.

“Our resident psychometrician can prove anything, correlate anything, and justify pretty much any course of action we recommend for our clients,” he says.

Using statistics, modeling, data correlation, and analysis, he says, is a much more effective way to understand human behavior than focus groups. Because, he adds, people tend to say one thing and do another.

There’s a growing recognition of the importance and value of collecting, correlating, and analyzing data to better understand behaviors of all kinds. For example, a company called FixStream offers an AIOps platform that does all that – and data visualization too – to help IT teams understand application and network performance, to do root cause analysis, see dependencies, and even to predict future events.

“AIOps enables IT operations to modernize existing processes. It allows IT Operations to make progress vs. traditional ITOA strategies, abandon old, reactive processes, and become proactive, by predicting issues and preventing outages,” note FixStream’s Enzo Signore and Bishnu Nayak.

“By providing an end-to-end correlated view of the entire IT environment, AIOps allows enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, adopt new technologies faster, and increase business productivity.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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