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Vocalcom Announces Cloud Call Center Solution with Easy Setup

By Christopher Mohr, TMCnet Contributing Writer
October 24, 2014

Vocalcom recently announced the availability of its new cloud-based call center solution. The comprehensive package supports multiple communications channels and provides tools for managing operations and tracking performance, such as through remote call monitoring.

Paris-based Vocalcom has numerous offices around the globe and offers several different solutions for call centers. These include predictive dialers, cloud-based contact center software, customer engagement solutions and CRM solutions that integrate with SalesForce.

Several features allow Vocalcom’s new call center solution to help call centers improve their performance. Intelligent routing sends each call to the agent that has the best skill set to address that call’s unique issues. Routing can also be done across multiple communications channels. Repeat callers who have ongoing issues can be bumped to the head of the queue and routed to the agent who assisted them previously.

During peak call periods, many customers wait for extended periods of time before an agent answers. To alleviate the frustration of long hold times and reduce the strain on the call center, customers can choose to have a callback as soon as an agent is freed up.

On the outgoing side, Vocalcom has several features to make outgoing calls more efficient. Its predictive dialer detects fax machine tones, the SIT tones of disconnected numbers, answering machines and busy signals, so agents don’t waste time dialing them. It also has time zone awareness and complies with Do Not Call lists.

Management also has several tools to improve call center performance. Ingoing and outgoing calls can be monitored. Call queues can be adjusted and calls rerouted. A set of reporting tools and dashboards provide up-to-the-minute statistics to supervisors who can in turn, make quick adjustments if needed.

Vocalcom’s call center solution also has the same benefits that cloud based solutions in general have. They’re scalable and require no hardware setup at the customer site. Any office with enough computers and headsets can become a Vocalcom call center in a matter of hours.

Vocalcom’s solution is one that typifies the direction call centers are going in 2014. They have to support multiple channels, because many customers like messaging, social media and other alternatives to phone calls. They are run from the cloud because it saves money and call centers no longer want to be IT departments or PBX (News - Alert) technicians. If a call center does not want to go with Vocalcom in particular, it should at least consider similar solutions to keep up with the times.  

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