Amdocs' 4-1-1 on Communications Service Providers


Amdocs' 4-1-1 on Communications Service Providers

Amdocs provides business- and operational-support systems (BSS and OSS), including billing, customer care, and support, along with a comprehensive portfolio of consulting, systems integration and managed services for CSPs domestically and globally. It is well situated to see what is happening inside this vital and vibrant industry…

Feature Articles

Call Center Technology

Managing Through Disasters
Disasters of all kinds can strike at any time, any where. As contact centers become increasingly invaluable to their organizations, they need methods and solutions that can enable them to manage through these events. That includes avoiding, or if that is not possible, preparing for and staying in operation during them, or if the worst happens, orderly shut down and quick recovery.

CRM, BPO & Teleservices

Changing Needs, Changing Carriers
A decade or so ago, contact centers' carrier needs and purchases were fairly simple. They sought - and carriers focused on - delivering predominantly voice traffic, with a small amount of e-mail, at low volume rates from regional or nationwide carriers for single or networked multiple locations. The calls mostly terminated and originated at ACDs and predictive dialers housed on switches and boards at formal employer-owned facilities. Work-at-home for agents was in its very early days.

Operations and Management

Performing Analytics for a Tough Crowd
Contact centers face a tough crowd: customers and executives who are watching their wallets as the economy struggles to expand. Performance analytics solutions can help win them over indirectly and directly, by providing invaluable and timely information to help cut expenses, increase agent effectiveness and output, retain customers, and attract others through referrals (especially via social media), and save sales and grow revenues.

Case Study

VXI's Young (Literally) and Successful Contact Center
Where to locate contact centers is one of the most critical and costliest investments an organization can make. The selected community can make or break labor costs, including both wages and churn , and employee skills and quality will impact service and sales. With renovations and outfitting costs running into the millions of dollars and with leases running three to five or more years, this is a decision that has to be made very carefully.

Awards and Recognition

2010 IP Contact Center Technology Pioneer Awards
Customer Interaction Solutions realizes that technology is the key to success of every contact center, and we have been editorially detailing the evolution of contact center and CRM technologies for our readers for nearly the past 30 years. We also realize that, with an ever-expanding range of new products and services and new categories of them in the contact center space, it can be challenging for our readers to keep up with the latest and greatest in these solutions.