Q&A With Presidio Networked Solutions on Industry Trends


Q&A With Presidio Networked Solutions on Industry Trends

This is the time of year when we look forward to anticipate to what we think may occur so that we can proactively and reactively respond successfully…

Feature Articles


Hearing (and Heeding) Social Customer Commands
Those companies that pay heed to the royalties' words and welcome their participation will be bestowed with riches and honors. Woe will befall those who do not listen to or acknowledge their concerns; these procurers will be denounced and banished.


Applying CRM Ingenuity
A slow economy has made the ability of CRM to focus resources on the most profitable customers extremely vital. At the same time, rapidly growing use by customers and users of mobile and social channels demands that CRM methods and tools embrace them. Yet, budgets are tight, as are the timelines, to demonstrate ROI.


From QM to QM
In an era of limited resources, where productivity is paramount, and of the "social customer," where individuals' raves or rants to the world can shine or tarnish and make or break brands and reputations, whether fairly or unfairly, every action or comment by contact center agents has to be dead-on. There are few tolerances for missed opportunities, misunderstandings and missteps.

Awards and Recognition

Customer Interaction Solutions' 2010 Product of the Year Awards
In the first issue of each new year, Customer Interaction Solutions dedicates a section to the suppliers that have shown a dedication to delivering products and solutions that enable businesses, governments, institutions and charities/nonprofits to become more attentive to their customers and users: and to provide higher levels of customer service than ever before.


Publisher’s Outlook

9 Social CRM Tips For 2011
Facebook just overtook Yahoo by a comfortable amount to become the third largest website in the world according to comScore…


To Improve Quality and Profits Get Rid of "HR"
One of the numbers in the combination that unlocks the door to customers and their spending…


Is Social CRM a Byproduct of Business Ignorance?
Business success equates to the ability to excel at customer service and at worst, meeting customer expectations while, at best, exceeding them. Of course, in order to accomplish that feat, businesses must be aware of customer expectations, which isn't always as easy as it might seem. But, it certainly seems intuitive that offering the best available products is part of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ask the Experts

Hosted Versus On-premises Contact Center Solutions
In today's contact center solutions marketplace contact centers have a choice between hosted and premise-licensed delivery. This has naturally raised several important questions that must be answered so that the right method for the right product is selected that best meets your contact center needs. Roe Jones, Product Manager, Interactive Intelligence, takes a hard look at some of these issues.

Case Study

Workforce Management That "Flies"
Scheduling contact center agents can be compared to scheduling flights. Too few at peak periods or the wrong aircraft assigned can lead to frustrated patrons - who may go to competitors - while too many will waste scarce resources.