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January 22, 2014

Webinar - Learn to Identify and Mitigate Fraud Risks for mCommerce Success

When it comes to embracing new technology and shopping habits, the age-old “risk versus reward” balancing act is especially critical for retailers in the mobile commerce space. After all, the mobile commerce channel is growing at an annual rate of 50 percent and merchants of all sizes are pressured to either accept an expanding array of remote payment methods or risk obsolescence.

And why fight it? Given the average consumer’s confidence in evolving technology trends, retailers who accept mobile app payments (compared to those who only receive payment via a mobile browser) are likely to benefit from a significant jump in revenue. In fact, mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) is currently the fastest growing type of mobile commerce. Today, mPOS devices and apps allow even the smallest merchants—think pop-up kiosks in the mall during the holiday season—to turn their smartphones and tablets into virtual cash registers to help consumers quickly & conveniently conduct transactions.

So that’s the good news about the explosion of mobile commerce: retailers from “mom and pop” stores to big-box giants can move more merchandise and make more money. The potential downside of the 24/7 mobile marketplace, however, is significantly increased exposure to fraud—especially as the traditionally browser-dominated mobile payment environment rapidly diversifies.

On Feb. 5, 2014, LexisNexis (News - Alert) will release a new True Cost of Fraud Mobile study to help merchants navigate the quickly growing and changing world of mCommerce. A one-hour webinar held the same day will teach retailers how to choose the safest mobile commerce channels and implement the best and most comprehensive anti-fraud technology for their specific needs.

Topics discussed will include key fraud issues affecting the mCommerce space, how the distribution of fraud is shifting across different types of mobile transactions and what it means for your bottom line, how to strengthen your authentication and anti-fraud measures. The webinar will also include a download of the brand new mobile study.

Register todaythe webinar is free, but space is limited.

Aaron Press is Director, Market Planning, eCommerce and Payments, at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.  

Edited by Stefania Viscusi