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April 15, 2013

Webinar - How Much Value Does Your Address Data Hold?

Customer data – it’s often the first point of reference you can claim as intelligent data. Every interaction starts with a contact, and the greater the the volume of contacts, the better chance of producing leads and generating positive revenue streams.

But is this always true? What if the customer data you maintain is not of the highest quality? What if in your early years of operation you had no system or policy in place to ensure the information you captured on each contact was accurate and of high quality?

This problem is especially heightened when the data collected is commercially based. You may have the right company name and address, but the key person making the buying decision has changed.

In other situations, maybe the position has changed and the original contact is no longer the key contact.

The reality in today’s market is that individuals change jobs at a fast pace, making it more difficult to maintain quality data lists. At the same time, customers are finicky and will make on-the-fly decisions to change providers where loyalty was once a key driver. Relationships are hard to build and even harder to maintain.

These challenges don’t even take into account the multiple locations this key data could reside within the corporate environment. With Customer Relationship Management (CRM), e-mail, strategic applications and more capturing data on a consistent basis, these important assets are too often segmented or duplicated. This creates inefficiency and even lost information.

Loqate is a company focused on changing this reality for companies throughout the world. Its solutions are designed to enable applications to capture addresses, verify information, geocode data and more, in 240+ countries.

Loqate’s goal is to serve as the single global source for the capture and management of accurate, high-quality information.

To better understand how accurate address data challenges can affect your business, Loqate has teamed with TMCnet for a free webinar called, How Good is Your Address Data? Are You Really Sure? Scheduled for Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 8:00 am PT, 11:00 am ET, this webinar will explore how to best capture and manage quality data that delivers both value and improved efficiency.

If you’re ready to make that valuable data work to your benefit, it’s time to register for this free event. For more information and to reserve your spot for this virtual event, register today.

Edited by Braden Becker