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February 06, 2013

Webinar - Stop the Revolving Hiring Door with Better Recruitment Techniques

What’s the biggest single expense in the cost center, plus the biggest time suck? Most call centers would pick high turnover as the call center’s most expensive challenge.

Call center work isn’t for everyone, and many hires last only a short time, put off either by the work or because the job was only a temporary solution.

Statistics back this up. According to a 2005 Global Call Center Report conducted by Cornell University, call centers have the highest employee turnover rate of any other industry. The study found that 33 percent is the average (annual) turnover rate in U.S. call centers, and the numbers can go even higher: turnover rates at retail call centers are 47 percent (on average), and 51 percent for subcontractor call centers.

Because of this, recruiting and hiring in the call center is usually a nonstop activity, and employees usually come and go as if through a revolving door. High turnover not wastes management’s time (the constant need to fill new jobs sees to this), but it also costs these businesses sometimes thousands of dollars to hire and train new agents.

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a better way to recruit to try and pick the ideal call center candidates, you’re not alone. Many organizations have tried (most of them in vain) to polish their recruitment processes to find a better pool of potential customer service representatives. But some companies do succeed in finding a recruiting program that works for them, and it’s not simply they are lucky.

They understand what type of employee they require.

On Tuesday February 26, 2013, TMC (News - Alert) will host a Webinar entitled, “Modernizing Your Talent Acquisition.” The Web event will be presented by talent acquisition solutions software provider iCIMS.

The Webinar will offer tips, trends and “best-kept secrets” of human resources (HR) recruitment success. Attendees will learn how to optimize recruitment performance; how to find a balance between cultural fit and candidate skills; best practices for leveraging company brand and culture; the importance of workforce planning and expansion; and the impact that technology has on HR goals and return on investment.

For more information or to register, click here.

Edited by Braden Becker