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December 10, 2012

Webinar - Are You Measuring Your Call Center's Experience and Ignoring Your Customer's Experience?

If your call center is like most, you generate a lot of data. In fact, you may find that you’re drowning in data. You know you should be doing something with it, but you may not be quite sure what. Or, you may be using a small portion of it, but you suspect that with careful analysis, the data you don’t use could yield some valuable intelligence for improving your call center’s operations.

While you may be examining the expected metrics – average handle time, average hold times, calls in queue, etc. – it’s less likely that the intelligence you collect yields a lot of clues about the customer experience. And while your internal call center operations certainly matter, what you’re offering your customers is certainly the bigger picture.

So how do you begin to measure from your customer’s perspective and not simply from your own?

It helps to put into place a robust qualitative analytics solution that complements traditional and digital key performance indicators (KPI) that help you determine how well you’re succeeding in meeting your customers’ expectations. Easier said than done? After all, you’re looking for reliable and accurate results, but you need to be sure you’re covering all touch points (traditional and digital), functionality and customer initiatives.

On Monday, December 17th at 2:00 p.m. EST, Eric Head, senior director of Customer Experience Analytics company ForeSee will present a webinar that will help contact centers better understand how to see their operations from the outside looking in, instead of the usual inside looking out. Attendees will learn how customer satisfaction analytics can be the tie that binds your operations across the organization to share a more strategic understanding of the customer experience to achieve greater success.

For more information or to register for the event, click here.

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