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July 24, 2012

Webinar - Improving the Customer Experience with Efficient Field Service Operations

Sending technicians out in the field is a practice that has long been a critical element within the customer service lifecycle. The customer experience is improved when technicians are able to respond to a call and resolve an issue. When a customer is a no-show or the system is inaccessible, however, time is wasted and the problem remains a problem.

One company, Psion, is focused on trying to improve the effectiveness of professionals in the field. This global provider of mobile computing solutions has announced the availability of its EP10. This rugged enterprise device is a PDA built on the company’s core technology: the Omnii platform. 

Field service and meter reading systems will be supported for a leading Hungarian water utility using the EP10. Designed as an end-to-end solution, Psion’s offering integrates well with mobile networking infrastructure to ensure field employees have the durable, powerful and compact solutions necessary to address issues in the field, when technicians can gain access to a system.

Mobility for field operations is essential as technicians need to be accessible. Technicians often work at odd hours, on the road and outdoors, which can task even the most durable device. With the technology literally in hand, technicians can improve performance, increase productivity and lower overall costs.

At the same time, their ability to immediately address an issue can improve the customer experience.

Complete access to the network infrastructure can also help in scheduling efficiency. If a customer cannot meet as planned to ensure access for technicians at a given time, rescheduling according to the current route helps minimize that time lost and make more efficient use of his or her resources on the road.

Direct visibility into key documents and data can also lend value to the technician and customer experience. The EP10 not only delivers this type of connectivity and visibility, it also ensures the display can be read in direct sunlight, offers 2 GB of memory, includes smart sensors for context-aware computing and is designed to be light, compact and durable. In providing the technician with the right tools, problem resolution is enhanced to create satisfaction for the customer.

This same device, and others like it, provides an optimal tool for plugging in appointment confirmation applications to ensure the customer plans to meet the technician or provide adequate access to the network so the field service call can be completed. The right access to information can limit wasted time and repeated calls.

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Edited by Braden Becker