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May 22, 2012

Webinar - Network Assessment Services Offer Benefits for MSPs and Their Clients and Prospects

One of the most important and competitive value-added solutions managed service providers (MSPs) can offer their customers is network assessment services. What once required an entire network overhaul with expensive client-side hardware and software installations is now available to service providers relatively inexpensively through the cloud.

Network assessment services give you a competitive edge over other providers and give your customers and prospects valuable peace of mind about the state of their networks. For very little initial cost, MSPs can reap rapid ROI and a strong boost to their portfolios through network assessment.

There are three main ways that network assessment services may be added and marketed to existing service portfolios. They are a valuable tool for new business generation, since MSPs can uncover security risks and issues on a prospective client's network. Automated software solutions and reporting make this process simple and quick and providers can generate customized risk reports to give their prospects a detailed overview of network vulnerabilities and areas that may need improvement.

Client audits are also an important result of network assessment, and one that may be used to MSPs' marketing advantage. Network assessment software can collect valuable data about assets, end-user activity and network configuration, which can quickly and easily pinpoint security and productivity issues. All of this may be accomplished from the cloud, without expensive client-side installations required.

Network change management is another obvious benefit of cloud-based network assessment services. Providers can automate changes to quickly secure customers' networks and ensure they are running as efficiently as possible, and all of this may be done without significant downtime. This benefits customers and prospects as well as MSPs themselves since they can perform their tasks quickly and securely.

The three main benefits of network assessment services will be discussed in an upcoming webinar led by MSPNews and Mark Winter, VP of sales at PerformanceIT. The presentation will discuss how network assessment solutions may be used to grow your managed services business, and will also include a 20-minute technical product walk-through of the Network Detective solution. The webinar will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. ET.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey