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December 31, 2012

VoIP and Why You Should Make the Switch Now

By Kayvon Ghoreshi, TMCnet Contributing Writer

The decision to switch to VoIP is a big one for any business or household, but it comes with other decisions that must be made after the fact. One of these decisions is choosing the Internet service to use in conjunction with VoIP.

Below are some of the different options you have.

If you have an analog telephone line, then you can consider a DSL connection as an option. The downsides are that being in a remote location will hinder speed and your Internet will require a physical cable. If it needs to be repaired or replaced, it can set you back a couple hundred dollars which is something no company needs.

For those in remote locations, satellite is probably your best bet. Your service comes straight from your personal dish meaning the number of Internet users won’t have an effect on your connectivity speed. There is also no fear of downed wires, but you will need to be wary of any damage the dish experiences.

Another option is your choice of cable provider. As you probably have seen, many cable companies are starting to bundle wireless internet with their TV service... Read More

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