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Turn to Business VoIP to Drive Customer Satisfaction

October 15, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

Within any company large or small, it is vital that customers’ wants and needs are kept at the forefront of operations. No matter how impressive a firm’s technology, solutions or products are, without ensuring the customer is always happy, it is unlikely that the company will stay in business very long at all.

Business VoIP provider Nextiva is an expert in powering next-generation communication tools that can be easily utilized by a wide range of customers to improve efficiency as well as slash costs. Currently, over 60,000 companies are leveraging the company’s portfolio of unified communications and it has been voted the #1 communication technplogy platform due to its advanced offerings.

Although there are many VoIP providers that cater to organizations worldwide, the company sets itself apart from the competition through by offering highly scalable solutions as well as unmatched, amazing service.

When communicating with both potential and existing customers, the business VoIP provider strives to go above and beyond what most customers have become accustomed to, as the company makes it a focus to take time to assist users and help them to better use the system. The Nextiva approach is in fact proactive rather than reactive, and customers are continuously kept in the loop, helping to form lasting relationships.

 Image via Nextiva

 According to Yaniv Masjedi, vice president of the company, “Every single day we focus on amazing service because we know we can’t always be the innovator in the industry and the reality is customer service is key.”

In a recent blog post, Nextiva outlined five key factors to remind mindful that that will enable a firm to better serve its customers.

First, be informed about the individuals before you target a specific industry. Know your customers. “The key to a satisfied customer base is to focus on specializing your products and services toward your designated market, rather than trying to be everything to everyone. By actively listening to what your customers are saying, it will let them know you value their feelings and opinions. If a problem arises, empathize with the customer or client and go above and beyond to fix any issues they may have,” the blog stated.

Next, if you treat your workers like garbage, chances are they will retaliate by treating customers in a less than subpar manner. Establish a workplace that continues to grow through driving collaboration as well as enabling employees to feeling comfortable amongst their peers. Most managers not only reprimand employees when they make a mistake, but also give them praise when they excel in a specific area. Treating your workforce with respect will surely carry over to the way in which they interact with the public.

Third, remember that communication between separate divisions of an enterprise is necessary to keep everyone on the same page. The blog added, “Ensure employees are in the know about promotions, potential product/service problems, and other information that customers may inquire about so they are consistently knowledgeable and informed. If there is a customer with a problem, circulate a simple email or memo to employees who may come in contact with the customer to keep everyone prepared and in the loop. The more your staff knows, the less time customers will have to spend in line or on hold while waiting for an answer.”

Also, social media is vital in remaining in constant contact with customers. Utilize free communication channels such as Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your company and help clients share success stories which could in turn could prompt more people to check out your portfolio. These sites serve as a very easy way to truly understand the areas you may need to put a little work into in addition to the things that makes your business stand out from the growing pack in the business VoIP space.

Last but not least, always attempt to raise the bar a notch higher when it comes to pleasing your customers. You know the saying “the customer is always right?” Well, not only is the customer is always right but they must also feel satisfied in teaming with you. Launching fun things like promotional contests can help to spread the word about a highlighted solution but also serve as the icing on the cake that will keep these people loyal to your business for the long term.

Innovative technology is vital, but without that intimate customer relationship, no one will probably care about what you have to offer.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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