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How Call Centers Can Use WFO Solutions to Enhance Customer Service

By Ashley Caputo, TMCnet Web Editor
March 13, 2013

In any industry, the most important aspect is making sure that its customers are satisfied, whether it is for a retail service, contact center or VoIP provider, the customer experience is the most vital part of having a successful business, which is why workforce optimization (WFO) solutions are essential.

New tools such as speech analytics, call recording, eLearning, coaching and workforce management are being utilized by businesses around the globe to discover the best way to deliver exactly what the customer wants. 

Here are some WFO solutions that can help call centers provide the utmost customer service.

Speech Analytics

Speech analytics go hand in hand with desktop analytics, providing further insight into customer interaction through its phonetic-based speech engine. These solutions can phonetically index all of a business’s recorded calls immediately, search call database quickly with a simple word or phrase and create categories of critical queries to run against a business’s phonetic meta-data to find business insights. This is essential for businesses in order to pinpoint the reason why customers are calling and how satisfied they are with their services.

For training and learning purposes, speech analysts can help both businesses and agents learn how to optimize a customer’s experience. Take a look at the image below to see how BPA Quality, a provider of solutions for contact centers, provides customized 3rd party remote call monitor and speech analytics tools for each company.


Image via BPA

Call Recording

There is so much data in the world, and if analyzed properly, it can be used to help any industry predict growth levels and trends that could ultimately increase revenue and productivity levels, which is why it is vital that businesses utilize data recoding solutions. To understand their customers even better, businesses can use these types of solutions to reduce call volumes and overall operational costs in the contact center. On the other end of the spectrum, to increase agent efficiency and optimize the workforce, businesses can conduct root cause analysis on agent behavior during interactions through call recording solutions.

Call Monitoring

By using the data that is recorded, call monitoring solutions can sample recorded or even live calls, as well as measure the customer interaction levels based on the standards that a company creates. These observations provide companies with data, trends and actionable items they need to make decisions about their most vital call centers operations. By supplying a company and its agents with feedback based on the monitoring and analysis, they are able to better improve or make vital adjustments that could affect the productivity levels of the call center. 

If the agents can learn to solve problems on the first customer call, then that means there is no need for a second call, allowing the agent to then get to the next customer sooner. With agents that solve problems quickly and efficiently, there may be an opportunity for a company to decrease the size of its team and potentially save money, and of course, create satisfactory customer service experiences.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo