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Important Information in IT Tickets

By Robbie Pleasant, TMCnet Contributor
September 18, 2012

No doubt you’ve had to call the IT Help desk at least once or twice during the course of your career. Perhaps you even work for one, and help other people who call in daily with the oddest problems. Either way, you should know the importance of ticket data. It keeps records of the conversation, noting problems and attempted resolutions to pass the information on to management and other agents. As such, it’s vital that they be filled out accurately.

In order to make sure ticket data is accurate, there are some key things to look out for. Those in IT should make sure to properly note all of these, while those calling in should be sure to provide it. For starters, and this should go without saying: make sure the IT staff has all of the caller’s contact information. That includes their name, ID number if necessary, and any ways to reach them, such as phone number or e-mail. Being able to get back in touch with the customer with any new information is vital.

Secondly, make sure the codes are properly marked down. If a customer is getting the blue screen of death, and that’s a code 25501, mistakenly putting down code 35502 could mean you accidentally reported that the computer gained intelligence and is rebelling against its masters. Okay, so I’m exaggerating there, but the point remains: this is important information in both the issue codes and resolution codes. Make sure you get them right.

Going off of that, make sure that there’s a complete description of the issue and any steps taken to resolve it. This is important for records and for the next agent; if the customer already tried unplugging and plugging it back in, the last thing he needs is another agent asking if he did that.

And please, when you write your reports, do check for spelling and grammar. You can make mistakes when jotting them down, sure, as long as they’re fixed before the report is sent in. If you’re a professional, writing like one is important.

These are all essential things to remember when working in IT. The ticket information is important to the company, the management, and your fellow agents. Just remember: if getting the wrong information from the last guy can frustrate you so much, don’t be that guy for whoever comes after you.

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