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February 18, 2020

Webinar - How SD-WAN Can Improve User Experience and Increase Efficiency

The expectation of seamlessly connecting to the Internet at all times can be a difficult requirement to fulfill. Whether a user is checking into hotel WiFi (News - Alert), to their network at the office or using a public Internet connection at a local coffee shop, frustration rises quickly when there is difficulty making or maintaining that connection. 

In many cases performance issues can be traced back to the network. A bad network connection or poorly configured network appliance can cause significant performance degradation and could result in a complete network outage. An outage can mean productivity loses for businesses and a negative user experience for end clients. 

An SD-WAN solution can help you achieve greater control over your network infrastructure, dodge downtime and improve network performance. By diversifying your network connections, applying policies and prioritizing application traffic, you can ensure a stellar user experience. You will also be able to improve application delivery, maximize uptime and lower your network’s total cost of ownership. Creating a solid network foundation benefits everyone, by offering a seamless connection to the Internet with additional benefits to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.

Diversifying your network connections

Having a solution that aims to support multiple connection types and VPNs between sites allows for flexibility, which in turn provides room for efficiencies to be put in place. Remove the risk of offering a single point of failure by having link failover in place. This ensures that traffic moves to a working connection in the event of an outage, which guarantees increased uptime and results in increased efficiency, as well as a better user experience. 

When all links are working, split your sessions across all available paths for site-to-site communication, allowing users to access all available bandwidth at one time, which negates the size limitations of individual links. Should one link go down unexpectedly, the session will not be interrupted which provides a better overall user experience. 

Prioritizing application traffic

With the overwhelming growth of real-time services, such as media streaming and collaboration projects, bandwidth is being tested every day. Being able to identify traffic flowing through your network can allow you to ensure that critical applications are always running. Using solutions that can help you prioritize traffic will help bring order to the bandwidth chaos and ensure that essential services are receiving the network power they require.  Get even more from your bandwidth with the help of link balancers. By setting up your network with dynamic routing and seamless path selection between multiple links from different ISPs and technologies, you can get the most out of the bandwidth you're working with. 

Cost-savings benefits 

Maintaining a resilient network can be both expensive and complex. Finding an affordable solution that meets your business needs doesn't have to be complicated. Start by simplifying your network architecture and removing duplicates at the edge of your network. With every box you remove, the more maintenance and monitoring fees you save, year over year. This will also allow you to combine network functions into a single edge appliance allowing your network and IT specialist to focus on other projects, creating more value for the business. With an improved network, you will no longer have to be concerned about productivity and opportunity losses as a result of downtime. This will allow for the business to maximize on profits and performance. With the right network infrastructure in place, you can begin replacing your private lines with public Internet further saving you on your total cost of ownership. By simplifying and improving your network you can achieve maximum uptime with savings you didn't know you could achieve. Experiment with various scenarios and find out how you can see a greater return on investment from your SD-WAN solution. 

SD-WAN solutions can vastly improve your network performance, which increases efficiency and enhances user experience by limiting downtime and maximizing bandwidth in a time when demands are at their peak. Don't settle for typical network issues such as latency and jitter. Make use of all available paths and start reaping the benefits of having a solid network that can evolve as technology does. Learn more from Martello Technologies

Join us for a webinar on “Unleash the Power of 5G and Enhance Your SD-WAN Experience” Feb. 27th