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February 05, 2020

Webinar - 5G Will Transform The Way You Connect To The World Around You

The Internet of Things is evolving into the Internet of Everything, and 5G will enable a new milestone of mobile technology with its lower latency and faster speeds. 5G-enabled technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and automated control, will bring forward new Internet of Things use cases that will create revenue growth opportunities. Various industries including transportation, manufacturing, healthcare and entertainment will see the benefit of this evolution. Smart city applications are taking center stage in the government sector, where it is expected that the adoption of automation technologies will be the key force in driving the next phase of the mobile evolution.

How Security Will Change 

As we move forward with 5G technologies, security remains paramount in industries that intend to use applications such as traffic sensors, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), and in sectors such as healthcare and finance. There’s no doubt that a 5G roll-out will raise concerns when it comes to physical security in smart cities. Anything connected to the Internet is going to generate data in ways we’ve never seen before, which is going to create cybersecurity and data privacy concerns.  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to better detect potential threats on the network, because these technologies are able to work through volumes of data that no human can.  

Who Will Be Impacted? 

Manufacturing, government and the transportation industry are predicted to be the first impacted by 5G technologies. The increasing demand for real-time traffic, including voice and video streaming will drive the entertainment industry in many urban centers. This is where 5G will begin to shine, and why it is essential to move technology forward.  

5G is something to be excited about because it will revolutionize your life, not just your phone. It brings higher speeds and greater capacity to users, but this brings further complexity for network operators. Investing in the development of your network now will ensure that they can handle an increase in capacity as technology continues to move forward. Not all network technology is able to handle a 5G network, but as the first SD-WAN vendor in Canada to pursue testing on a 5G testbed, Martello aims to demonstrate that its SD-WAN solution can deliver stable and predictable handling of unified communications (UC) and other real-time IoT traffic on 5G networks. 

5G and IoT 

There’s no question that 5G technology is fast- really fast. It’s not the impressive fact that it can download a one-hour HBO episode in 3.6 seconds that is the game changer, it’s what the technology can do for the world around us that really will have an impact.  

For most of us, a few extra seconds of lag time for a download will be nothing more than an inconvenience, but in smart cities, it could mean the difference between life and death. Seconds delay could prevent law enforcement or emergency personnel from being able to quickly respond to an accident or crime scene quickly, as an example. There is a huge amount of data that is transported by IoT devices and 5G is able to handle this information as well as provide real-time updates on road conditions, with smart vehicles and automated communication tools.  

The Future is Now

After a proof of concept in the spring of 2019, Martello successfully demonstrated that its technology can maintain network connectivity for real-time and mobile IoT use cases. More recently, in the initial phase of a second project, Martello has demonstrated compatibility with LTE (News - Alert)-A, a precursor to 5G, and in later phases will test UC traffic over LTE-A and 5G. Together, these advancements demonstrate the resilience and adaptability of Martello's SD-WAN product. 

Martello’s SD-WAN and link balancing technology provides network connectivity in some of the world’s most challenging environments, including in developing regions with limited telecom infrastructure. 

For now, LTE is still the norm, and it will coexist with 4G and even 3G for some time. The capacity to switch to one or another based on the context is critical to ensure peak network performance, especially in shifting environments. 

With 5G emerging as the next generation network that promises high performance for IoT applications, Martello can ensure that the challenges mobile IoT applications face can remain connected to mobile networks.  

5G is going to revolutionize smart cities, and citizens will see the advantages, particularly in our safety and well-being.  

Join us for a webinar on “Unleash the Power of 5G and Enhance Your SD-WAN Experience” Feb. 27th. Enterprises around the world are anticipating the imminent rollout of 5G connectivity as a complete solution to current network challenges. As applications and services move to the cloud, leveraging 5G provides a reliable way to stay connected and ensure mission critical deliverables are met.