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March 13, 2019

Webinar - Three Words You Need to Know: Mobility, Liability and Compliance

Innovation is introducing a new world, this we know. And with digital transformation, the race to the cloud and a workforce requesting the capability to do more from the palm of their hand than ever before, technology is simply a piece of the equation. Coupled with the technology is the responsibility to treat customer data appropriately and call recording is a key element.

On March 14th at 12:00 pm ET the webinar, “Mobility, Liability and Compliance” brings together nexogy CEO Carlos Lahrssen and Call Cabinet Chief Revenue Officer Ron Romancik  to offer insight on navigating these waters successfully.

Aimed at providing IT staff, telecom agents, VARs and anyone involved in your organizational compliance plan, the one hour event will address the explosion of mobility and BYOD in recent years, and how in this era of “get it now” the proper technology and procedures can  promise the protection of sensitive data and the mitigation of liability.

A nexogy, CallCabinet partnership has developed a solution capable of protecting organizations, while delivering the flexibility and mobility demanded by the digital workforce. Every conversation is important, but there’s no reason to leave your organization vulnerable.

Attendees will learn how easy call recording can be, as well as call recording compliance for VoIP Mobile Apps. In addition, Romancik and Lahrssen will explore compliance in health and financial institutions. The audience will gain access to best practice for storing and protecting call recording data.  

Join us. The first step is registering here.

Edited by Maurice Nagle