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October 24, 2018

Webinar - What SBCs Can Do for You

Session border controllers may seem like old hat to networking veterans. But these important devices have evolved significantly since first appearing on the scene as single-function devices.

Today’s SBCs can perform an array of tasks and functions. That can make life a whole lot easier for call center telephony managers, enterprise staff supporting communications services and VoIP networks, equipment manufacturers, marketing team members, service providers, and systems integrators and resellers.

To learn what SBCs can do for you, join Ingate Systems (News - Alert) for the webinar “8 Reasons to Use an SBC”. During this Oct. 31 online event, Ingate Systems President Steven Johnson (News - Alert) will discuss how SBCs address diagnostics, quality, reliability, and security. He’ll also present some case studies on what real-world interoperability solutions look like. To register for the event, which will begin at 11 a.m. pacific/2 p.m. eastern time, click here.

"The SBC has evolved substantially since it was invented to allow inbound calls to a network protected by a firewall," Johnson recently told Delphi President Gary Audin (News - Alert). "Our vision suggests that, in time, the SBC will become a node on the network which serves in all the capacities it does today, but as a decentralized intelligence point," Johnson added. "In this role, it will be used to enable traffic into and out of an enterprise, secure that traffic from malicious actions, route the traffic as appropriate, integrate various protocols, and capture the utilization of the network for billing purposes."

According to exact ventures the total SBC market (for both enterprise and service provider session border controllers)  contracted 12 percent in the first quarter as compared to the last quarter of 2017. “The market was up 2 percent compared to 1Q17 as the E-SBC market grew 7 percent, which more than offset the 2 percent decline in the SP-SBC market,” exact ventures explained, adding the E-SBC market continues to be fueled by SIP trunk and hosted UC services.

“We now expect the total market to grow 15 percent in 2018 as both the E-SBC and SP-SBC markets grow in the mid-teens,” exact ventures continued.