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October 01, 2018

Webinar - Webinar Explains How AI Can Make Work Resources More Accessible

Productivity is an important theme in business today.

People are the biggest cost and the most important asset for most organizations. So businesses are always looking for ways to help make them and their work efficient.

But workers sometimes struggle to find the information and resources they need to get the job done. And searching to locate that stuff takes them away from more important pursuits.

Indeed, studies suggest that up to 35 percent of team time is wasted searching for information. About 23 minutes is lost as workers refocus after each interruption. And managers that make $100,000 annually spend more than half of their time on administrative coordination and control.

This is a perfect example of a situation in which artificial intelligence can offer humans an assist. And Jane.ai is offering that assist via an innovative solution in which workers can send a chat message and quickly get the answer. And that can improve productivity and employee engagement in the process.

Inquiries can be about anything to getting information related to company benefits to checking on the status of a project to identifying someone within the organization with a particular skillset or function to doing an internal phone number or business policy lookup.

David Karandish, Jane.ai founder and CEO, will talk more about how AI can eliminate repetitive tasks. And he’ll discuss how it can transform and simplify access to information from a company’s applications, documents, people, and resources.

He’ll be presenting on these topics during a webinar called “Transforming Your Business with an AI-Powered Teammate.” It’s scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET. Click here to sign up for this online event.

Jane.ai will also be presenting early next year at The Future of Work Expo. This live event will run Jan. 30 through Feb. 1 in Fort Lauderdale.

Edited by Maurice Nagle