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September 11, 2018

Webinar - Looking to Cut Back on Cloud Spend?

It’s clear that in order to be competitive in modern industry, a digital-first, cloud-driven approach is required. While leveraging cloud services can go a long way, it’s important to do so in an intelligent way that set the stage to boost the bottom line and operations as a whole.

Cloud adoption is on the rise, as the public cloud can add to network agility and scalability but deploying and implementing cloud services in a pocket-friendly way can be a challenge. Looking to cut cloud spend? This may not be as simple as it sounds, so join us on September 27th 2:00 PM ET for the webinar, “4 Ways to Reduce Spend.”  

Moderator Erik Linask (News - Alert) will be joined by CloudHealth Technologies’ Ennio Carboni and Mike Giacometti where the trio will explore rightsizing underutilized infrastructure; implementing a multi-cloud strategy; leveraging unique pricing programs from cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft (News - Alert) or Google; and automating policies  to monitor cost trends and reduce waste.

Cloud architects and managers, IT Ops Managers and Directors as well as CIOs will receive the opportunity to learn how to implement recommendations, reduce cloud spend and see tested and proven examples of deployments.

Minimizing cloud spend doesn’t need to be a risky venture, as far too often companies take a guess-and-test approach and suffer the consequences. The cloud will provide your organization a bevy of benefit, and done so pragmatically can be quite pocket friendly.

Edited by Maurice Nagle