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June 04, 2018

Webinar - How Your Customer Success Team Can Drive Growth

Customer service has long been considered a cost center. But in recent years companies have woken up to the reality that delivering great customer experiences and ensuring customer success can actually help them build new revenues.

We all know by now that most consumers have a wealth of information and power at their fingertips in the form of the apps, the internet, and smartphones and tablets. And you’ve probably read that many companies have established customer focused-positions within their C suites. But many organizations are still working to figure out exactly what they need to pay attention to and do to enhance customer experiences and drive growth.

The webinar “Seat the the Revenue Table” How Today’s Customer Success Teams Drive Growth,” will offer insights on that front. This online event will take place Tuesday, June 19 at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern Time.

Featured panel speakers will include Leah Chaney, vice president of customer success at AskNicely; Annie Woo, senior vice president of customer service at Mindbody Inc.; and Aaron Thompson, founder of Portland Customer Success. Technology Marketing Corp.’s Erik Linask (News - Alert) will moderate.

Customer success leaders who want to learn new ways to add value and inspire their teams, and who hope to play a bigger part in driving company growth should attend. So should C level executives with an interest in understanding how a next-generation customer success function can provide their company with an advantage in the marketplace.

The panel will cover the new reality and expectations of today’s customer success teams. It will offer tips on how to evolve your team to better address this new reality. And it will provide guidance on the best key performance indicators, practices, strategies, and tactics you can start using to your benefit.

Edited by Maurice Nagle