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May 10, 2018

Webinar - Webinar to Address As-a-Service Monetization

Airbnb and FlipKey. Rent the Runway and Armarium. Uber and Lyft.

Name an industry, and it probably has at least one digital disruptor. Likely many more. And that’s prompting existing hospitality, clothing, transportation, and other companies to re-examine their business strategies and figure out how they themselves can leverage digital technology to respond and advance.

It’s called digital transformation. You’re probably heard of it. At this point, the idea is not all that new.

One sign of digital transformation is the fact that many businesses are introducing as-a-service offerings. The XaaS model enables customers to buy solutions based by the month, by usage, or even based on outcomes. This model benefits sellers by providing them with a recurring revenue model and a longer-lasting connection to their customers.

But although we’ve been talking about – and to some extent, implementing – digital transformation and as-a-service offerings for a while now, many companies are still figuring out how to position, introduce, and support such solutions.

During the upcoming webinar “Monetizing the Digital World: Achieving Competitive Advantage with Subscription and Digital Services,” finance executives, IT leaders, and marketing and line of business managers can learn how aaS solutions can help their businesses attract and retain customers, accelerate time to market, develop smarter ways to price and bundle products, and grow their businesses in the process.

For more information on this webinar, and to register, click here.

The Wednesday, May 23, online event will feature Accenture (News - Alert) sharing insights on recurring revenue monetization and how it is working with executives and entrepreneurs to reshape markets. And Oracle customer Intuit (News - Alert) will provide a case study on how it’s created a global monetization platform.

Edited by Ken Briodagh