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March 12, 2018

Webinar - It's NICE to Accelerate Customer Experience Innovation

The modern customer expects more, it is that simple. While the omnichannel offers upside, far too many firms have yet to declare time for digital transformation. And, for those in the midst of researching ways to deliver on expectations the way to the rapid, reliable, low risk and cost effective development. The upcoming webinar, “Accelerate Customer Experience Innovative with an Open Development Platform,” will explore this and more.

Attendees will learn what to look for when looking to upgrade communications solutions. Breaking down the differences between, CCaaS, UCaaS, CPaaS, illuminating what the deployment of a robust communications platform can mean for digital transformation efforts.

Moderating by yours truly, I’ll be joined by NICE inContact Product Manager Justin Sorensen and NICEinContact’s Product Marketing Director Mark Ungerman. Don’t add complexity to an already complex matter; invest smart, and see the ROI. The appropriate platform selection goes a long way.

The digital era is here, making enterprises take notice of CX more so than any other time in history. With open innovation leading the way, transformation is at hand with omnichannel sitting front and center. From operations, client services and contact center employees, to executives, directors and IT, it’s time for all to take note.

NICE inContact is on the fore of contact center innovation, covering compliance, customer service, workforce optimization and more. With a burgeoning ecosystem of partners and focus on the future, this is a unique opportunity for attendees.

See you March 13, 2018 2:00 PM EDT!

Edited by Mandi Nowitz