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February 02, 2018

Webinar - Webinar Offers Tips on Delivering Great CX

Amazon. Nordstrom. Starbucks. What do all these companies have in common?

They all deliver unique customer experiences that many people really like.

But, providing great CX is not something that’s reserved for the biggest and most high profile companies. After all, these companies started small just like many of the rest of us.

The first Nordstrom store was just 20-feet wide and started out selling shoes (a product category for which the company is still known for today). Starbucks started out with one store in Seattle and was founded by a couple of teachers and a writer. And Amazon, which initially was just an online bookseller, had to go up against much larger and well-established brands like Borders (which it later put out of business) and Barnes & Noble. 

This just goes to show that anybody with a great idea and the ability and tools to execute on it can do wonderful things for their customers – and, as a result, their stakeholders.

“Unless a company wants to be recognized as a low-cost providers, the value proposition of good customer service can make price less relevant,” writes Forbes contributor Shep Hyken. “That’s how smaller independent retailers can compete against big box stores.” And he adds that they can use AI, faster responsiveness, and personalization processes and technology to do that.

In the upcoming webinar, “How Smart Brands Are Beating You at Customer Experience (and how to fight back),” Constellation Research analyst Cindy Zhou and 8x8 (News - Alert) Chief Marketing Officer Rani Hublou will tell you how. They’ll discuss the obstacles customers and employees face on the path to achieving customer delight. And they explain how to mobilize your entire company to overcome those hurdles, differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and improve the customer experience.

For more information on this Feb. 15 event, and to register, click here

Edited by Mandi Nowitz