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December 05, 2017

Webinar - How to Secure Your Business for 2018

Cyber security breaches are now so widespread that they have become a fixture in the mainstream news. Forrester (News - Alert) Consulting in February said two-thirds of organizations have experienced an average of five or more breaches in the past two years. And hackers compromised more than 1 billion identities last year alone.

Speaking of Forrester, this company was among those that experienced cyber attacks this year. Hackers breached Forrester’s website and stole some of the company’s research reports. But the Forrester hack is relatively low level in terms of monetary and reputational loss.

The business arena this year – and recent years – has seen a whole lot of hacks. And many of them have been extremely damaging.

For example, does the name Equifax ring a bell? MarketWatch in September reported that Equifax is facing a $70 billion class action lawsuit filed in Oregon – and that’s just one of legal challenges related to this unfortunate event. ­

Hacks have cost companies plenty in terms of market value loss, profit loss, revenue loss, and general reputational harm and customer churn. And securing your organization from cyber attacks is only becoming more challenging as the hacking community gains in sophistication, shady organizations set up shop to sell hackers toolkits to do their dirty deeds, and the growing Internet of Things expands the potential for bad actors to steal our data and take over our devices and networks.

So, as the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to assess what we experienced in 2017 and what we can learn from it. For businesses that should most certainly include the threat landscape and how to secure ourselves going forward.

To help you do that, MetTel (News - Alert) and Raytheon tomorrow will hold a webinar called “2018 Security Threats: What’s next…and will you be ready?”

I’ll be moderating and doing the opening presentation. And Manuel Villar, director of cyber operators for cyber services at Raytheon (News - Alert), and Ed Fox, vice president of networks at MetTel, will be the featured speakers.

For more information, and to register, click here.

Edited by Maurice Nagle