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October 23, 2017

Webinar - Readying Your Data Center for Digital Transformation

You only get out of something what you put into it. And digital transformation is no exception. Organizations need to do all they can to ensure their digital transformation efforts are a success. That includes assessing their data center infrastructure, and upgrading it to allow for optimal results.

That’s important because the data center is the engine of digital transformation. It will help drive digital business success.

The data center is now the source of many external and internal business applications. And it’s the key facility that helps businesses support their Internet of Things initiatives.

So business decision makers need to put the technology and processes in place to ensure their data centers stay up and running, and can meet the demands on today’s enterprise. And they need to get started right now, because legacy data centers were not build to address current demands.

To help businesses get where they need to go, consultative technology solutions provider ePlus and Intel (News - Alert) have come together to provide next generation data center solutions. And they’ll be talking about new data center requirements and solutions – and how they can enable digital transformation – in this week’s webinar “Transformation – The Enterprise Strikes Back.”

This online event will be held Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017, at 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT. Featured webinar speakers include Jason Lamb, Cloud Solution Architect at Intel, and Mark Melvin, Chief Technology Officer at ePlus. I will be the moderator.

The new Intel Xeon Scalable processors can help data centers feel the power of the force. And ePlus and Intel are working together to provide business customers with a smooth implementation and integration of Cisco HyperFlex, HPE Synergy, Microsoft (News - Alert) Azure Stack, and many other solutions.

“At ePlus, we believe the cloud fundamentally is about transformation. It’s about leveraging innovative technology, best-of-breed services, and new delivery models to change the way our businesses operate and serve our customers in order to lower costs, to improve products and services, to enhance the customer experience, and to increase market share,” Scott Gilgallon, direct of cloud solutions at ePlus, wrote in a recent blog. “But transformation is not just about technology—and neither is the cloud. It’s about combining people, processes, and technology to create positive change. Too often, the temptation is to lead with a technology solution, but transformation requires a broader view. For a successful cloud deployment to occur, organizations must consider how the technology is implemented, supported, optimized, and updated on an ongoing basis.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle