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October 09, 2017

Webinar - Downing Data Center Downtime

The data center is at the heart of operations, and is tasked with powering the network in the most cost effective, reliable and efficient manner. Every minute of downtime, each bottleneck or inefficient process is costing your company money.

In our current phase of digital transformation, software-defined solutions, the cloud and virtualization in general are driving much in the way of improvement in the network. Adoption is on the rise, and that said it is spurring evolution. More and more companies are dabbling in bleeding edge technologies to alleviate many of the issues data centers are all too familiar with, which is leading to more automation, new architectures and ecosystems, and a cry for people possessing the necessary skills to support the next generation technologies.

Fret not, for an upcoming webinar will explore the topic in depth. “How to Defeat Costly Data Center Downtime” will take place on October 17th at 2pm EDT. Moderated by TMC (News - Alert) Group Editorial Director Erik Linask, and joining him are Mark Melvin Chief Technology Officer ePlus, Keir Asher Systems Engineer Specialist Juniper Networks.  

The event is set to address the top culprits causing data center bottlenecks, the steps required to achieve operational efficiency, and ways to improve operational efficiency overall.

The network is a complex beast, challenged to deliver on all the promises of our digital era, but these are not quite quick fixes. The complexity of modern data center operations requires a certain touch, expertise and roadmap to properly put all the pieces together.

There is no time for downtime – silly and obvious statement, but bears mentioning. The bottomline takes a hit with every hiccup.

Join us, and learn how to avoid network pitfalls, and put your organization in a position to succeed for the long term.

Edited by Maurice Nagle