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September 07, 2017

Webinar - Why SD-WAN is the Belle of the Networking Ball

The subject of cloud computing is certainly a hot topic. From service delivery to storage, the cloud offers a cornucopia of opportunity and performance. Riding the coattails of this burgeoning technology is the nascent SD-WAN space as a cost friendly way to connect to the cloud, and optimize network performance in the process.

The SD-WAN space is pegged for explosive growth; there is no doubt about that. However, in the meantime, education poses somewhat of a hurdle, as it seems many don’t understand the value in deploying a software-defined WAN.

In implementing SD-WAN, companies can leverage a combination of commodity access hardware and cloud-based software services capable of optimizing application access as well as load balance bandwidth. And, due to the nature of the deployment, business can save on opex and capex while improving network flexibility and performance.

An upcoming webinar, “SD-WAN Growth Outlook: Lowering the Costs of WAN Services,” moderated by TMC Group Editorial Director Erik Linask, and presented by Chief Marketing Officer from TELoIP Kevin Suitor (News - Alert) and Founder & Chief Analyst at Futuriom Scott Raynovich will explore this market. Explaining the tremendous growth predicted for the SD-WAN and NaaS space in the coming years, but more importantly why.

We live in a time where innovation is coming fast and furious, with software defined solutions stealing the show. Don’t be late to the party, and learn more about why SD-WAN is making an impact in such a big way.

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Edited by Mandi Nowitz