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February 15, 2017

Webinar - Ipanema Means Hybrid WAN Optimization Just a Deployment Away

As babies, we first start with a crawl, gradually get to standing, then walking and finally running. Networking innovation is not much different; when a new technology hits the market, adoption isn’t always a shoe-in. However, when it comes to Hybrid WAN, this burgeoning technology has hit the ground running. Long past Hybrid WAN 101, and well aware of how Hybrid WAN protects business application performance; an appropriate bridge to cross today is implementation. As every journey begins with a first step, deployment is the ambassador of optimization in this expedition.

The task of ensuring a high performing network to support the growing demands of today falls squarely on the shoulders of IT, but thankfully Hybrid WAN and its sibling SD-WAN solutions can go a long way in ensuring demands are met, and obstacles overcome. Ipanema (News - Alert), for instance, is a Hybrid WAN solution from InfoVista that gets up and running in a quick and painless manner, with instant results in terms of network performance. The deployment process has never been so efficient and user friendly.

Once deployed, Ipanema allows users to see application performance visualizations, utilizing analytics and reporting tools to aid in managing network performance and the next generation network solution.

An upcoming webinar from InfoVista (News - Alert) will delve into today’s networking demands; optimization and orchestration is far easier than many realize, with the results painting a rather compelling picture. The webinar will also explore in granular detail how to protect your business critical applications in a dynamic and automatic manner, providing video and explanation of how moving into the future of networking is as simple as a Hybrid WAN deployment.

Enterprise networking is evolving, and as I stated earlier, SD and Hybrid WAN technologies are off to the races. The sky is limit.

Is your WAN software defined?

Edited by Alicia Young