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January 16, 2017

Webinar - TELoIP to Explain SD-WAN Benefits

With cloud adoption, the majority of business traffic now goes to the Internet rather than corporate data centers. Meanwhile, businesses are under increased pressure to make the most of their budgets, and high-cost Ethernet and MPLS services often do not fit the bill.

“In the next three years, enterprises will make a fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT,” according to McKinsey’s IT-as-a-Service Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure surveys. “The big takeaway: enterprises are planning to transition IT workloads at a significant rate and pace to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, with off-premise[s] environments seeing the greatest growth in adoption.”

So, many sources now suggest that businesses would do well to expand their adoption of Internet technology and to leverage WAN optimization. For many companies, that means embracing software-defined networking solutions, including SD-WAN. Definitions of SD-WAN vary, but most folks would probably tell you it’s an overlay of the wide area network that separates the physical infrastructure from how packets are routed. That enables SD-WAN to provide users with total control of connectivity between their locations so they can match that connectivity to their specific applications at any time.

TELoIP Inc. is one company that sells an SD-WAN solution. It also offers an SD-Internet solution. The SD-Internet offering includes the ability for TELoIP to take multiple and diverse carrier connections to a branch. It’s similar to SD-WAN but, because TELoIP has its own PoPs, businesses get their own IP addresses handed to their existing equipment.

In addition to this portfolio, TELoIP holds several patents. That includes patents on autonomous network aggregation, intelligent packet distribution engine, MPLS edge, multidirectional pathway selection, and more.

To learn more about the TELoIP solutions and how and why channel partners can work with the company to deliver it, join us for next week’s webinar “SD-WAN for Service Providers & Resellers: Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities.” For more information, click here.

Edited by Alicia Young