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December 15, 2016

Webinar - Why Businesses Need a HyperFlex Architecture

The world is changing significantly for IT leaders and the companies for which they work. These individuals no longer simply respond to colleagues’ requests for technology. Instead, they are now driving decision-making, and even strategy, to support their companies’ new digital ways of doing business. As a result, IT is doing more research to figure out how to optimize and manage both new and legacy workloads, working to ensure compliance for all of the above, and doing whatever else is needed to support DevOps and rapid scaling.

That’s the word from Lynda Stadtmueller of Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert). Stadtmueller was one of the speakers during the recent webinar “A HyperFlex Discussion: To Unify or Separate Your IT Infrastructure?”

As complexity increases and the stakes get higher, Stadtmueller suggested, traditional data center infrastructure is inadequate as inflexible legacy infrastructure leaves IT struggling to support cost efficiencies, data center automation, DevOps processes, fast app deployment, rapid scaling, visibility and reporting, and workforce flexibility. So many businesses, she said, are using a mix of on-premises and cloud-based data center infrastructure, and many are also looking to improve upon what they already have in place.

That’s a whole lot of work, so it should come as no surprise that 91 percent of businesses have or plan to engage third-party experts like ePlus to help them design, implement, or manage their IT transformation initiative. This is according to the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Cloud Survey of U.S.-based IT decision makers.

Speaking of ePlus, it was the sponsor of this webinar, along with Cisco Systems, and Intel (News - Alert). In addition to Stadtmueller, Zeki Yasar, data center practice director of ePlus, and Mark Melvin, CTO of ePlus, also presented.

To learn more about just exactly what is meant by a HyperFlex data center; why your business might want to consider one; and how it can help your organization gain consistency, control, flexibility, and simplicity across multiple environments, we invite you to listen to the on-demand version of this webinar.

Edited by Alicia Young