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December 14, 2016

Webinar - SD-WAN Presents a Channel Partner Opportunity

SD-WAN has been lauded as a way to allow businesses to more affordably, flexibly, and scalably address their connectivity needs. It’s also seen as a new revenue generation opportunity for both service providers and vendors. But there’s one other interest group that can benefit from SD-WAN, and that’s channel partners.

Channel partners can benefit by partnering with SD-WAN suppliers like TELoIP to deliver these solutions to businesses because it’s a new, recurring source of revenue, and TELoIP provides the back office solutions to handle things like order entry, quality of experience management, and provisioning.

There’s a strong case to be made for businesses to purchase SD-WAN solutions considering that this technology does not require any upfront capital expenditures or commitments, makes branch office connectivity more affordable than other options like MPLS, enables businesses to leverage all their underlying connectivity rather than using secondary connections only when the primary connection goes down, and provides quality of service prioritization of traffic so there are no dropped VoIP calls.

“SD-WAN is going to solve a bunch of problems for small business,” notes Peter Radizeski is president of Tampa, Fla.-based telecom consulting firm RAD-INFO (News - Alert) Inc. “Foremost it will add disaster recovery in the form of redundancy. Circuit bonding or load balancing or failover functionality was the primary function of several current providers that entered the SD-WAN space. This will have a big benefit for small business as it is better to limp along on one smaller pipe than no Internet when the broadband goes out. It will increase VoIP call quality…. It will also add performance to some cloud applications via the same packet shaping technology – and even from direct connections to cloud platforms like AWS by the SD-WAN providers. “

“In a world of shrinking network operators,” adds Radizeski, “SD-WAN will be a boon to the commissions of channel partners and a boost to their small business customers.”

To learn more about how channel partners can get a piece of the SD-WAN pie, join us for the Jan. 17 webinar “SD-WAN for Service Providers & Resellers: Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities.” For more information, click here.

Edited by Alicia Young