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October 19, 2016

Webinar - Want to Add Communications to an App? Check Out This Webinar!

When it comes to simple ways to improve value in an app, one of the best of these is to add a chat function. It can be comfortably added to just about anything that could be a conversation starter—from a restaurant payment app to a weather forecast app—and people enjoy having like-minded folks around to talk about whatever the app's focus is. Adding that real-time communications function can be a lot easier than might be expected, and an upcoming webinar will provide plenty of insight on how it's done.

More specifically, those who attend the webinar—scheduled for Thursday, October 20 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern—will learn several key points of adding communications functions to an app, including how to properly use the “wrapper,” along with the best ways to use applications that have already been built as part of the communications package. Communications tools don't happen in isolation, though, so attendees will also learn how important it is to support these functions with a cloud system that's carrier-grade, along with a self-service backend that's sufficiently intuitive to win the day.

If that's a bit too brass-tacks to seem valuable, fret not, as a slate of use cases will also be on hand to show where the value proposition is in delivering these functions consumers find so desirable. Learning not only the how, but also the why, can represent a terrific way to get better buy-in throughout the company. With proper buy-in in place, businesses are more likely to push in a common direction toward getting those communications functions added.

The webinar will be presented by GENBAND's Carlos Aragon, who serves as marketing director of Kandy (News - Alert) and unified communications (UC) solutions. Geared toward system integrators, independent software vendors, enterprise users and communications service providers (CSPs), there should be more than enough information here to allow any program to kick off. Given that Kandy is one of the market's leading sources of adding communications tools to apps, the perspectives supplied here should prove especially valuable.

Adding value to apps is important these days if for no other reason than there are so many apps already on hand. Reports from June 2016 suggest that Apple (News - Alert) had around two million apps available, and Android users had slightly more to choose from at 2.2 million. So with that many apps available, what distinguishes one from another? Adding a communications function can mean the difference between a potential user going with one app over another, and though it may not be enough to tip the scales, who wants to potentially lose business to the app that did?

With apps more popular than ever, having the best value is vital to an app's success. So it's likely a wise move to sign up for that webinar, which can be done through this link. Learn how to add communications today, and potentially beat the competition tomorrow.

Edited by Alicia Young