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October 19, 2016

Webinar - Masergy Talks SD-WAN Solutions

A hot new technology called SD-WAN has arrived on the scene.

Indeed, worldwide SD-WAN revenues are expected to exceed $6 billion in 2020, according to International Data Corp.

What’s great about SD-WAN is it can allow branch offices to more affordably be brought into the mix, and affords great network control and visibility for an organization’s total network, whether that outfit is using cable modem- or DSL-based broadband, LTE (News - Alert), microwave, or MPLS connectivity, or some combination thereof. 

“Today’s dynamic information technology environment requires enterprises to be more agile as they expand operations, introduce new applications, and migrate to public clouds – all while continuously optimizing costs,” said Masergy CTO Tim Naramore (News - Alert). “These factors are driving the need for more intelligent use of broadband Internet connectivity in global hybrid network architectures.”

But while SD-WAN is an exciting and useful solution, when new technologies become the focus of so much attention – as SD-WAN has – there also tends to be a lot of hype and, sometimes, confusion. Masergy recently staged a webinar that aims to help listeners sort out all of that. That webinar is called “Shattering the Myths of SD-WAN”.

The webinar, which is now available on demand, revisits the three biggest SD-WAN myths you’ve probably heard. It offers advice on when SD-WAN is a good fit for the enterprise. And it looks at some real-world enterprise use cases. Featured speaker Paul Ruelas, director of product management at Masergy, also fields many questions from the audience. And he probably provides some answers to questions you’ve had yourself.

“Hybrid networking and virtualized managed services, including new SD-WAN services, give businesses many new managed service options to create agile networks,” said Mike Sapien, principal analyst at Ovum (News - Alert). “Businesses should seek service providers that deliver an integrated, comprehensive suite of hybrid network solutions to achieve optimal price/performance. Masergy’s Hybrid Networking with Managed SD-WAN is one such solution.”

Edited by Alicia Young