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October 18, 2016

Webinar - How to Make Business Environments More Engaging, Productive

Many of us now have smartphones. We can easily do videoconferences using tools like FaceTime (News - Alert) and Skype. And we can bank and buy things via connected computers. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible using smart digital solutions.

As Avaya (News - Alert) explains in its webinar “Smart Digital Solutions to Engage Your Customers Better,” which is now available on demand, there are plenty of opportunities for banks, emergency services agencies, hotels, offices, and other entities to leverage technology that’s available today to make their services more customer friendly and, in some cases, even profitable. Jean Turgeon (News - Alert), vice president and chief technologist for software defined architecture, worldwide sales at Avaya, in this online session explains how and walks listeners through what it can enable via its various industry-vertical solutions.

Among the verticals Avaya addresses with its smart communications and networking solutions are education, financial services, general office, health care, hospitality, public safety, and retail. Whatever the smart workspace setting, technology, or specific application, this is all about bringing something that’s unique to your environment, notes Turgeon. That can entail leveraging building management systems (including climate control and lighting), digital signage, surveillance systems, temperature control, and videoconferencing.

For example, a smart surveillance solution in a bank parking lot could capture a visitor’s license plate to identify a high-value bank customer, and have a bank manager ready and waiting when that customer enters the branch. Avaya could enable all that, and ensure the end-to-end system is compliant with all the regulations required for financial services-related environments. Or, as another example, a kiosk outside a conference room could recognize my smartphone as I approach, see that I have the room reserved, and automatically set the lighting and temperature in the room as I prefer it, and log me in to the videoconferencing and other systems in the room. That way, Turgeon notes, users don’t have to spend a lot of time manually controlling and logging into various devices.

Edited by Alicia Young