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September 27, 2016

Webinar - Find Out Why DNS is Key to Your Business Success

If you don’t know what DNS is or why it’s important for your business, you need to find out.

Domain Name System, or DNS, has been around for a long time. But it’s becoming even more important as businesses today increasingly rely on the cloud to function and do business.

DNS is used to resolve human-readable hostnames like www.Dyn (News - Alert).com into machine-readable IP addresses like, as the Dyn website explains. DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as mail services.

“DNS is like a phone book for the Internet,” according to a Dyn blog. “If you know a person’s name but don’t know their telephone number, you can simply look it up in a phone book. DNS provides this same service to the Internet.”

While some may consider DNS a set it and forget it part of network infrastructure, it’s important to ensure you have DNS infrastructure in place and that it is functional at all times. That’s because without DNS, users – whether those users are your customers, employees, or partners – can’t reach your online assets. That means they can’t complete transactions, and you don’t make money.

That said, DNS needs to be a fundamental part of your online strategy and your business continuity plan.

To learn more about why DNS is important and how you can ensure it’s working for you, join us for today’s webinar “Why DNS Plays a Critical Role for Hybrid Cloud Business Continuity,” sponsored by Dyn. Featured speakers include Elisabeth Rainge, research vice president of IDC (News - Alert)'s Communications Service Provider Operations research program, and Gary Sloper, vice president of global sales engineering and customer success at Dyn.

The webinar will take place Tuesday, Sept. 27 at 11 a.m. Pacific/2 p.m. Eastern Time. For more information on this webinar, which is available both in real time and on demand, click here.

Edited by Alicia Young