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January 25, 2016

Webinar - The Key to Tax Compliance in Telecom Industry

Compliance and tax regulations are undoubtedly complicated in the world of business, but when it comes to the telecom and communications industries, there is a myriad of regulations, changes, and enforcement elements that can change from year to year.  Navigating these waters and achieving proper compliance is a business priority – the consequences can be devastating. In these situations, it is a variety of services and consultants are available in order to help maintain compliance and deliver total tax solutions to the industry. Billing companies, tax specialists, legal advisors, and specialized agencies help bring it all together. Technological concepts behind this industry aim to reduce risks and ensure accuracy, with the ability to deliver comprehensive and detail reports so that the business and the various regulatory agencies can enjoy the ease of transparency that comes with proper system.

An upcoming webinar sponsored by TMCnet will feature presenters from CCA SureTax, BluLogix, and The Commpliance group. Along with PMC senior editor Peter Bernstein as the moderator, the webinar will focus on the various elements of entering communications markets in compliance. Presenters will delve into the biggest compliance challenges in the industry of communications and the regulatory compliance challenges that face many.  Designed for a widespread audience of stakeholders, the webinar promises to lay out a specific process which will institute a compliance program in communications taxes and regulatory compliance that is achievable and affordable.

In many states, telecommunications services companies are facing more aggressive auditing practices with each passing year. Failure to comply with auditing can raise risks and cause undesirable exposures for a business. There are also many cases where telecommunications companies are in a position where they are due refunds on overpayment of taxes band situations where they may be eligible for exemptions. Navigating the path with proper guidance using webinars, valuable information, and the experience of leaders in the industry can help a company avoid costly mistakes and compromising situations. In an age where services are increasingly moving towards a software basis, navigating this evolving landscape of tax matters is an urgent task to undertake. The webinar is scheduled for February 3rd, 2016.