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January 08, 2016

Webinar - Assuring Optimized Network Performance and Service Delivery

Ask any communications service provider executive what their top priorities are these days, and the answers tend to be the same. Despite all the headlines about technology trends that are transforming/disrupting markets— which includes the usual suspects mobility, virtualization, the cloud, security, big data and analytics, harnessing social media, etc.—realities are that the business focus of communications service providers of all shapes, sizes, locations and types that is driving investment in new technologies remains the same:

  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, i.e., do more with less and faster.
  • Create sustainable and profitable differentiated value by being ever more responsive in terms of speed and the quality of outcomes to customer needs.

The end result of course is healthy bottom lines. However, the challenge is that almost everything relating to two points above is about the journey since the destination is to remain financially healthy and ahead of competitors. It is also about making a world that is becoming more connected and complex simpler for service providers as well as customers

One of the most interesting aspects of being agile and responsible in what I have characterized for some time as “The Age of Acceleration,” where the only constant is change and the speed at which is it increasing, is that regardless of what part of the entire information and communications technology (ICT) world one evaluates, there is a common thread. It is implementing capabilities for getting to the objectives of being fast-to-market and fast in the market, while simultaneously streamlining operations and increasing customer experience satisfaction. 

At a high level this translates into service providers having real-time visibility over their resources with an end-to-end view all the way to the customer. This is in order to:

  • Properly monitor asset performance and customer reactions
  • Have the tools and control to make changes quickly (including service packaging and pricing as well as reacting to changes in status that are harmful).
  • Leverage all of the data that is generated and use it for operational and competitive advantage, particularly in the enhancement and quality of how services are delivered and experienced.    

This raises the question, especially in an increasingly software and cloud-centric service delivery environment as to how to obtain next generation solutions that can provide the visibility, analytics and control service providers need to meet the above objectives. 

One place to find out about how to get to being that agile, responsive service provider, specifically if you are a Cloud and Managed Services Providers (CSPs/MSPs), is by joining the forthcoming webinar, NextGen (News - Alert) IT Monitoring & Business Services Assurance Platform for Cloud & Managed Service Providers. To be held Tuesday, January 19, 2016 02:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST, you are invited to join me and Jaap Augustijn, Project Manager, KPN (News - Alert), Marty Pejko, COO, Centerity Systems, Inc, as they present a fascinating use case. 

Topics to be detailed include:

  • Service Providers challenges in modern IT environments H
  • How to keep customer satisfaction by meeting their SLA
  • How to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency
  • Compare legacy tools to next-gen, unified, monitoring platforms
  • How to become a mature, service-centric IT organization
  • How BSM can revolutionize delivery
  • New revenue opportunities for MSPs & CSPs

KPN, the largest Dutch telecommunications company and one of the largest cloud and managed services providers in Europe, will discuss with Centerity Systems, a Gartner (News - Alert) Cool Vendor in IT Operations Management (ITOM), its success in deployed Centerity’s next-gen unified monitoring platforms for complex, hybrid environments (physical, virtual, application, and cloud). 

As an inducement to participate and find out more, it should be noted that using the Centerity (News - Alert) multi-tenanted, unified monitoring, and Business Service Management (BSM) platform service providers can reduce MTTR by 80 percent, have 24/7 tracking of customers' critical business services enabling them to deliver greater customer value, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

Realities are that today most service providers rely on multiple monitoring tools. This means the existence of data silos which hinder the creation of actionable business intelligence across all technical and functional domains. A unified approach that allows these silos to be transformed into a single pane of glass addresses carrier needs to be assure that their operations are optimized to be agile and efficient and that services are and high performance and capable of meeting or exceeding customer expectations. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere