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September 18, 2015

Webinar - Making Sure Internet Performance is What it Should and Must Be

The late mayor of New York City Ed Koch had a famous question he used to ask everyone he met, “How am I doing?” In his case it was rhetorical, however, when it comes to the Internet and how enterprises, those who wish to interact with them and the service providers they rely on this is a very serious question. And, it deserves what hopefully is a very positive answer. The reasons are obvious, poor Internet performance impacts everything from the velocity and security of transactions to all things impacting how customers experience one’s brand.  In short, there are few things that are more mission critical than having high-performance Internet service.

The challenge is that for most enterprises today, while Internet reliance increases almost exponentially, i.e., becomes ever more critical, having visibility into whether it is working for you and not at cross purposes is an imperative.

This raises a question as to how can your organization overcome what has been, for lack of a better term, a “blind spot” when it comes to the performance of the Internet?  In fact, this goes beyond mere visibility to gaining actionable insights into how customers are connecting to your organization through the Internet and then use those insights into you online infrastructure to maximize revenue, decrease costs, and optimize their Internet availability, reliability, speed, security, and reach. 

The solution to eliminating that blind spot is available thanks to cloud-based tools. In fact, a discussion of these capabilities will be the subject of the webinar, Gaining a Better Insight into Internet Performance. To be held Tuesday, September 29, 2015 11:00 AM EDT / 08:00 AM PDT, you are invited to join me, Lawrence Miller, Author & Technical Consultant and Matt Toy, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Dyn as we detail:

  • How ISPs, peering and transit agreements, CDNs and DNS all must work together optimally for you to deliver the best online experience for customers.
  • How to manage SLAs to ensure you’re getting the most from your online infrastructure.
  • Customer expectations and assuring your site is always reachable, fast, and secure 
  • Cloud adoption - Why you still may be hesitating and steps you can take to monitor, and optimize your Cloud assets. 

Plus, along with the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts and have your questions answered in what promises to be a lively Q&A following the presentation, a major take-away from the session will be 10 Internet Performance that can impact your business right now.

As we all know, performance of “E”verything in a connected world has impacts that are of consequence good and bad.  Not having the visibility into how a core part of the way in which you do business should not be an option given that solutions exist to help assure operational efficiency and effectiveness regarding a critical link inside and outside your organization.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle