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June 05, 2015

Webinar - Meeting the Challenges of Telecom Revenue and Taxation Compliance Management

Let’s face it, for incredibly obvious reasons for any business there are few things more important than rendering a timely and accurate bill. This means not just accounting for services consumed but also making sure that the bill reflects all taxes associated with the service so the provider can prove they are in compliance with various jurisdictions policies and rules. After all, governments are not happy when they find out that their main sources of revenue have not been correctly accounted for.   

In this regard, communications service providers (CSPs) really have their hands full.  For them, there are few areas as important to get right and as resource-intensive and time-consuming as dealing with accurate revenue management and indirect tax compliance. There are also few areas more complex.  In what might be considered a gross under-statement, with over 70 thousand taxing jurisdictions worldwide, even knowing what gets taxed, and where, is complicated.

As if this is not enough, add on to the real challenges of being in compliance, the need to retain the ability to be fast to market and fast in the market. And, contemplate the need for process simplification and automation as we move more toward a cloud-based and subscription oriented “Usage Economy” where transactional volumes are multiplying exponentially. 

In short, it is easy to understand CSP (News - Alert) consternation as to how to tame the complexity and cost issues associated with taxation, with revenue management and the need to be in compliance. They are looking at an explosion of their own service offerings such as  VoIP, Unified Communications (News - Alert) as a Service (UCaaS), fixed and mobile wireless, converged networks, ecommerce platforms, and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT)/Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services and applications markets. Taxes are and will be a part of all these offers which is why tax compliance is so important and broad ranging in that it encompasses everything from dealing with regulatory requirements to billing, tax calculation, filing and remittance.

The size and consequences/risks associated with improper revenue management and not being in tax compliance may be big and extremely challenging, but this does not mean that the telecom tax process cannot be efficiently and effectively deployed and managed in a manner that assures compliance. 

If you are a CSP struggling with taxation management issues, you should be interested in the webinar: A Survivor's Guide to Telecom Revenue Management and Taxation. To be held live Wednesday, June 10, 2015 2:00 PM ET 11:00 AM PT, you are invited to join me and subject matter experts Toby Bargar, Senior Tax Consultant and Kirsten Felgate, Senior Tax Compliance Analyst at EZtax Services, and JK Chelladurai, Founder & CEO, OneBill as we de-mystify CSP billing and tax processes.  

This is a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of telecom taxation and compliance and how to build your telecom revenue management solution to maximize revenue while simplifying the tax compliance burden.  Not only can you survive, but you can prosper. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino