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September 12, 2013

Webinar - Red Hat Earns Guinness World Record for Big Data Performance

Average users might not use Linux or even know what it is, but it touches them every day, running popular sites like Google (News - Alert). Red Hat, the maker of popular business-oriented Linux distributions, has accomplished something that will impress even those who haven’t been converted to the Linux religion: a Guinness World Record.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux has delivered impressive performance results on four processor cores running Sybase (News - Alert) software to process a record number of requests: 34.3 terabytes per hour. The previous record was 14 terabytes per hour, a 145 percent jump. The load would be equivalent to 823 terabytes a day.

Red Hat (News - Alert) believes that the results show that its Enterprise Linux is ideal for real-world big data processing.

“Today’s speed of business requires enterprises to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time in order to make better and more informed decisions,” said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit, Red Hat. “Achieving the Guinness World Record result and the leading four-processor Linux result on the two-tier SAP (News - Alert) SD standard application benchmark is a testament to the ability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux to serve as a trusted enterprise platform in some of the most demanding SAP solution-based environments."

The Intel (News - Alert) Xeon-based system was running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with SAP Sybase IQ 16. Another Red Hat system running SAP Sybase 15.7 recorded the score running the SAP enhancement package 5 for 5 for SAP ERP 6.0.

Red Hat and TMCnet are also hosting a webinar on September 18 called “Using Distributed Data to Develop a Data Availability Solution Across Private, Public Cloud and Traditional Data Centers.”

The webinar is aimed at technical professionals including IT managers, enterprise architects, solution architects and system administrators.

Red Hat principal product manager Tushar Katarski will serve as the presenter, and TMCnet Senior Editor Peter Bernstein will be the moderator.

The webinar will show how distributed scale-out (scaling by adding more nodes) systems such as Red Hat’s can improve data availability between traditional data centers and private and public clouds, including AWS and OpenStack.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey