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June 20, 2013

Webinar - CaaS Technology Helps Arkadin Grow in Asia Pacific Region

The value of teamwork is not to be underestimated. By teamwork, in this case, I’m referring to collaboration, or to be more specific, Collaboration-as-a-Service technology. Arkadin (News - Alert) has seen the demand for CaaS shoot up in the Asia Pacific region, resulting in strong growth in the area for the company.

Recently, Arkadin announced a 26 percent year-over-year growth in the Asia Pacific region. As it attributes the success to its cloud-based collaboration solutions, it’s also planning on opening a new, and rather large, corporate office in Hong Kong.

Getting back to the topic of teamwork for a second, this success wouldn’t be possible without Arkadin’s partnerships with Tier-1 Telecom service providers. Telecoms can use Arkadin’s collaboration solutions to improve their own portfolios, which can be customized to suit both the technical and branding needs of their customers. Naturally, this has helped its growth in the area, as its services meet the needs of its partners and customers quite nicely. For example, its integration with Microsoft Lync has provided it with many new possibilities and customers, making the most out of the solutions Arkadin provides.

As a result, Arkadin is improving its core audio and web collaboration offerings in Asia. This will offer new options for video conferencing and unified communication solutions, allowing for further growth and improvements in the market. The company has plans for a managed services component, as well as more options in UC technologies, which are focused on its product strategy.

"We have the most advanced cloud-based collaboration technologies on the market, strategic partnerships with leading Telecoms and an unrivaled local service offering,” boasts Arkadin’s founder and CEO, Olivier de Puymorin. “It's a winning combination for our customers. I'm thrilled to be close to them and our Telecom partners in Asia to help ensure we continue to outperform over the long term."

When you find a strong market, you have to capitalize on it. That’s just what Arkadin is doing, as with its Collaboration-as-a-Service technologies helping accelerate the company’s growth and profits in Asia, it has a potential goldmine of customers and partners at its disposal. With the launch of the new office in Hong Kong, things are looking good for the company.

Edited by Alisen Downey