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November 05, 2012

Webinar - How to Guarantee Optimum Network Performance and Security

It’s undeniable that converged networks today carry a combination of voice, video and data at unprecedented speeds. This amount of multimedia traffic can present critical problems for IT organizations looking to find that sweet spot between guaranteeing high network performance while at the same time trying to satisfy their users’ appetite for increased network bandwidth.

 High levels of traffic consumption can sometimes become uncontrollable. Needless to say, IT needs to ensure that their network monitoring tools are fully equipped to not only handle but improve network performance and security.

Imagine filling up a glass with a fire hose; this is the analogy Dan Pocek, founder and CEO of NetQuest (News - Alert) Corporation, offers to compare tools that try to monitor a specific traffic type that’s passing through or crossing the network in a pipe of multimedia traffic (i.e. voice, video and data). In other words, if not monitored properly, all of this traffic will inevitably overwhelm the monitoring tool. This is something that shouldn’t be put on hold, because as data rates increase so do these associated problems.

For network architects and engineers, security engineers, operations team specialists, IT directors, data center specialists or anybody else held responsible for network monitoring and security, enhancing the capacity of your application, security and network performance tools is vital.

For example, ensuring that your network’s monitoring tools aggregate data from multiple visibility points is vital, as this guarantees that your critical network traffic is being properly delivered to the essential monitoring and security tools, thus providing complete visibility into both physical and virtual networks.

  • Other important aspects that should be considered in your network monitoring tools to guarantee optimum performance and security are as follows:
  • Providing zero loss performance when aggregating and filtering traffic
  • Delivering zero loss performance when broadcasting and filtering traffic
  • An intuitive management interface that allows users to configure and customize filtered streams for rapid diagnosis

Recently, the Tolly Group conducted a Benchmarking Test and Measurement study revealed Ixia’s (News - Alert) Anue Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) to be essentially unmatched in its ability to improve the performance of critical application performance management, security and network performance monitoring. Covering all of the above, the Anue NTO aggregates, filters, load balances and de-duplicates packet data to ensure delivery of network traffic to essential monitoring and security tools.

To learn more about how to guarantee optimum network performance, monitoring and security as well as learn more about the Tolly Group Benchmark Test Results, register now for a free webinar to be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT titled, “Enhance the Capacity of Your Application, Security and Network Performance Tools.”

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Edited by Jamie Epstein