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October 18, 2012

Webinar - When it comes to VoIP Performance Trust but Verify

As communications move rapidly to being IP-based, particularly as TDM voice is supplanted in enterprise networks by voice over IP (VoIP), being able to test, monitor and control all aspects for the VoIP environment takes on what should be viewed as a sense of urgency. Let’s face it, no IT asset manager wants or needs the aggravation of being blindsided by poor voice communications. And, while it may not be sexy, having the right tools to be able to respond to IP networking issues, as well as proactively anticipate and remediate potential risks is to use an old phrase, “mission critical.”

Realty is that there are many tools you are likely to need to get the control and results you demand for optimal performance. This can range from test and measurement solutions for IP communications networks and applications that include call generators, distributed monitoring solutions and protocol analysis tools. Indeed, from SLA monitoring to very high-density call generation, being safe rather than sorry is the best way to assure your products, applications, and services get to market more quickly and effectively.

If you are looking for insights on the tools that can help you properly test and monitor your IP networks, you are invited to join me for the October 24, 2012 webinar, Things that go bump on your network: Five major reasons you need to monitor your communication networks. Mark A. Stacy, CTO and Neil E. Urban, president of Touchstone (News - Alert) Technologies along with Tim Crofton, VP of Business Development and Product Management, Datacom and I will be discussing:

  • The five major reasons for proactively monitoring your communications network
  • The root causes and effects of voice quality issues and how monitoring helps provide an “early warning” system
  • How trending analytics can help you to avoid communications disasters

Learn about the value of such tools as:

  • Solutions for testing SIP and H.323 networks
  • Pre and Post-deployment testing solutions
  • Standalone diagnostic solutions
  • SLA monitoring solutions
  • TraceBuster protocol analyzers

If you are an IT asset manager you ware more than well aware of the fact that today’s converged IP networks are creating challenges that have not existed before in terms of network performance, the ability to deliver a quality user experience, security and monitoring the enforcement of your policies and rules. Being proactive and having the business intelligence you need to stay not just on top of but ahead of potential problems is the best way to ensure your network and vendors are performing to spec, and you are ready should problems occur. Being able to trust but verify can make all of the difference. 

Edited by Brooke Neuman