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February 15, 2012

Webinar - The Cloud is for you, MSPs - So What Now?

Whether it’s because of the CAPEX and OPEX (News - Alert) benefits the cloud affords, the compliance requirements it can meet or the scalability it can boast, cloud technologies are catapulting companies toward great success and no group wants to be the last one to the cloud party anymore.

From the SMBs to large enterprises to MSPs, the invitation to the cloud party is wide open and guests who don’t attend will most likely feel left out as the rest of the industry trucks along enjoying the advantages of the cloud.

Among the benefits that cloud communications affords companies -- both small and medium businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises -- is the fact that organizations can enjoy cost savings. While estimates state that corporate servers run at only 15 percent capacity and have exorbitant associated maintenance costs, cloud technology allows companies to save money by removing these servers and the costs associated with them. By placing servers in the cloud, companies can enjoy a consumption-based model, paying only for the space that they use.

As the cloud grows in popularity, one group poised to take advantage of this innovation is the MSPs. However, the thought of transition to the cloud still remains daunting for many as it means abandoning break-fix, labor intensive, on-premises models. Fortunately for the MSPs out there, cloud service vendors stand poised to answer the influx of questions an MSP most certainly has before transitioning such as “How will we market our new offerings?” “How will we provide customer support for our new cloud services?” and “How will we manage and provision these new services?” These providers will boast streamlined processes and flexible business models and simplify your business’s delivery of cloud services.

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