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September 08, 2011

Webinar - Webinar Suggests Bringing Call Center Solutions Back to Basics

During last Monday’s webinar, “Take Control of the Agent Desktop to Measurably Improve the Customer Experience,” I was joined by Kerry Bodine, VP and principal analyst for Forrester Research (News - Alert) as well as Vikas Nehru VP of product marketing at KANA to discuss some of the challenges that call center agents are facing today.

Bodine works with customer experience professionals to create more engaging — and profitable — customer experiences across the enterprise. Her research explores the tools and methodologies used to design broad, end-to-end experiences and the changes to organizational structure, process, and culture that are required to sustain these experiences over time. Kerry was instrumental in the development of many of Forrester's evaluation methodologies, including the Website Review, Phone (News - Alert) Agent Review, Kiosk Review, Blog Review, and Persona Review. Kerry holds a master's degree in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and an undergraduate degree in cognitive science and psychology from Indiana University (News - Alert).

Vikas joined KANA in 2004 and currently serves as the vice president of product marketing. He has been instrumental in leading the direction of KANA's solution suite with senior roles across engineering, product management and marketing. With over 15+ years of experience in the customer service industry, Vikas is focused on understanding what causes customer frustration and bringing solutions to market that generate value, revenue and meet the functional and practical requirements of the end user. Vikas received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Alberta, Canada.

During the webinar, we established that as the toolset call center agents have access to continues to grow more complicated, operations need to reevaluate how they organize agent workloads. Bodine emphasized the importance of making agents comfortable and how a more effective control scheme can reduce turnover rates and increase the effectiveness of the agent. Nehru’s experience designing software that integrates numerous data sets present a unique way to accomplish this goal, and he spoke at length about all of the features the KANA solution can offer customers.

The webinar is currently available in TMCnet’s archive, and anyone interested in finding out more about the discussion can find the informative session here.

Chris DiMarco is a Managing Editor for TMCnet. He holds a master's degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University. Prior to joining TMC (News - Alert) Chris worked with e-commerce provider Suresource as a contact center representative and development analyst. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page. Follow him on Twitter (News - Alert) @cpdimarco.

Edited by Jamie Epstein