In today’s IoT Time, Essence releases a consumer study that reveals users’ preferences in connected home technology, Qualcomm buys CSR and The Guardian reports that Google’s been working with NASA to get around FAA rules on commercial drone testing. In MyIoT, Ken lets us know that he’s on Google’s side here and tells the FAA to stop wasting time and resources on enforcing a ban when they should be encouraging testing and regulating for safety.
Kourosh Amiri discusses enhancements in content distribution technology that enables smartphone users to extend their content to big screen displays for home and enterprise collaboration.
Carl Ford of Crossfire Media summarizes the event that took place in Santa Clara last week and speaks about the upcoming DevCon event in New York City
Carl Ford speaks with Vishal Gupta, Vice President, North America for Qualcomm at the 2011 Sprint Open Solutions Conference
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TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Cheryl Goodman, Director of Marketing, Qualcomm
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